• 3 Rules for Business

    1. No stupid rules.
    2. 1 on 1s just make people nervous every week. Hire people who will surface problems as they happen.
    3. Don’t let your company grow larger than 15 people or rules 1 and 2 will no longer work.
  • Uncommon Sense

    This is a continuously updated list of trite expressions, life pro tips, and all around general information that can help in life.

  • Completing Sprints

    In the world of software we generally work in a few ways. The most common of which is 2 week sprints, but similarities between companies usually stop there. Some companies I’ve worked at had great burndown charts of fibonacci points per card to actual completion. Others had a more fly by the seat of your pants mentality and just got done what you could get done. Still others would measure velocity but never apply it to the sprints always filling it with more work than possible. The last one most often happened at companies where there was a disconnect between product management and engineering about timelines. When timelines are handed down from above with no engineering input, people get salty, timelines slip, and generally everyone just has a bad time.

  • Falling Water Falls Ultra Wide Lens

    These shots were all taken with the iPhone 11 Pro Ultra Wide Lens

  • Chattanooga Signal Mountain Overlook

    A few shots testing the various iPhone 11 Pro’s various lenses

  • Squongo - How to build a document store in SQLite and Ruby

    Squongo is a ruby gem encapsulating WAL mode sqlite3 databases to provide an alternative to large document stores utilizing the JSON1 extension. It’s migrationless and provides the user with the ability to have many readers without locking the database while providing a save method that will simply enque on the writer process. It was born out of a need in a personal project and decided to extract it for public release. It’s not my best code I’ve ever written and it still needs comprehensive RSpecs but it’s worth publishing in my opinion.

  • What OSS Consumers Owe You

    TL;DR at the bottom

  • How to query sqlcipher encrypted databases with Ruby

    Last year I added support for building the sqlite3 ruby gem against sqlcipher allowing ruby apps to access and query sqlcipher encrypted databases.

  • Ruby rest-client Gem Hijacked

    We stand on the shoulders of giants, but the giants don’t use two factor auth.

  • Toolless Frontend Starter

    I was so sick of needing so many dependencies, build tools, and various things to simply have a frontend project with JavaScript code. Looking at the landscape of supported technologies in current browsers and realized you can use CSS variables, ES Modules, and even change light/dark styles based on the user’s operating system theme preferences without build tools.