• Getting Things Done in 15 Minutes

    I’ve got the book and have been using the GTD method for 2 years now, but this will get anyone started immediately.

  • The Spoils of Society

    List of local injustices perpetrated by the US, its corporations, and institutions as I learn about them.

  • Parent's Farm

    Some random photos of animals and our goofball dog Aela.

  • Paul B. Johnson State Park

    This is a beautiful state park with gorgeous views in South Mississippi and just big enough sites for our 5th wheel.

  • Austin TX

    Wonderful BBQ from Terry Black’s, beautiful hiking and biking, and just all around a great experience.

  • McKinney Falls State Park in Austin TX

    Google Maps

  • MotoGP COTA

    October 1st through the 3rd MotoGP came to the Circuit of the Americas and I was lucky enough to get to go and ride a lap around the track!

  • Videos from COTA

    Ducati Island tickets gets you a parade lap around the track if you own a ducati and I managed to be on the front row!

  • Chester Frost

    Our first real RV park for $21 a night!