• Deno Command Cheatsheet


    deno fmt

  • Callsign Query Tools

    Amateur Extra Query Tools is a great website for querying the state of callsigns in any way you might want. For instance looking for upcoming expiring 1x2 callsigns.

  • Azaleas

    Azaleas in full bloom

  • Early Summer Mountain Ride

    Some golden hour photos from the river at Raccoon Mountain

  • Monodraw type VSCode Extension

    AsciiFlow2 is a really awesome tool that embed an ascii monodraw style editor inside VSCode.

  • Example of Why You Always Vet Dependencies

    TL;DR Read your prospective dependency’s source. You might find evals for no reason.

  • iOS App written in straight C

    An interesting exercise in masochism, but also fun in a way. Since you can’t directly include Objective-C APIs in C the author took to straight up using the C level Objective-C runtime calls to perform message passing under the Objective-C runtime. Have a read through the code for yourself to see how it’s done.

  • How to link against macOS frameworks in C

    It took me several minutes of google the title in various ways before I stumbled upon a way to add frameworks to a C/C++/ObjC application compiling on the command line with clang.

  • Meltdown Spectre JavaScript Exploit Example

    Proof of concept possible on every kernel running on intel CPUs that don’t have mitigations in place.

  • Offline Wikipedia Hostspot

    As one does when it appears the world might end, you might want to be able to have a copy of the world’s knowledge in your pocket. You might also want to share that knowledge with anyone within earshot of you so that you might all learn together. My solution to this was to build a Wikipedia-in-a-box as it were. After learning about the various forms wikipedia dumps can take, how large they are, which ones are missing illustrations and images, and what it takes to actually make the dump browsable up, I settled on using Kiwix which uses the ZIM file format.