• Buy your own Boston Dynamics SPOT Dog

    I’ve always wanted one of these and now for the low low price of $75k we can all have one!

  • How to organize your digital life - The Johnny Decimal System

    The Johnny Decimal system is a great way to organize your digital life paired with the Getting Things Done Method for written notes.

  • SRA statement on the murder of George Floyd

    Proud to be a part of the SRA and the statement they put out.

  • Aysja Prior Chattanooga Protest Speech

    June 3rd and 4th I attended the Chattanooga Black Lives Matter protests and plan on attending even more until change is effected in our system. I’ll be uploading photos and videos from those events over the next few days.

  • Weekend Motorcycle Camping

    This weekend I went on a motorcycle camping trip with a buddy, where we did the Cherohala Skyway up through Lake Santeetlah North Carolina, camped overnight, and then rode the tail of the dragon the next day.

  • Second Time on the Dragon

    My 2018 Ducati Monster 821 named Jolteon

  • Introduction to Deno

    I’ve very much enjoyed all of my experiences with Deno and I’ve wanted to share that experience along with frequent questions I’ve been asked.

  • Deno Live Coding a High Performance Web Server

    I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my time writing Deno, and I’d like to open up my development publically to help keep me accountable as well as to provide a view in to what Deno development looks like. I’ll be developing a web worker backed, radix tree based, routing + web application server with middleware support, live on Discord on a regular schedule.

  • Debugging Deno Projects in VSCode.

    Debugging Deno applications inside VS Code is actually pretty straightforward with the right launch config. Use the below .vscode/launch.json config to debug your entire deno application, debug all of your deno tests, run a single test file, or just the specific test case that you have currently selected.

  • Deno Command Cheatsheet


    deno fmt